Asynchronous and synchronous servomotors

Brusatori build various types of motors. BR and VT series are the most interesting for our market. Motors are build in Italy. Build quality is very high.


VT are asynchronous motors with incremental encoder and external ventilation, ideal to use with the drive CDB of LTi.

VTDue to CDB drive VT motors have nominal torque at 0 rpm. The external ventilation cools the motor down even at 0 speed. The inertia of the axis is low and the encoder is of the highest quility.

Power from 370W until 55kW


BR3BR series are permanent magnet synchronous servo motors. Br motors are ether passive cooled or force vendilated.

Resolver is the standard feedback. Incremental encoder hall sensors and other encoder can be fitted on demand. There is also brake option.

Power starts 200W until 110kW

More information for brusatori motors can be found here